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We deliver a peace of mind and ultimate satisfaction via an elite real estate agency experience

Value Proposition to Our Customers

Never pay again the unreasonable cost of one-size-fits-all marketing

We spend a considerable amount of time assessing every property's needs, to design an accurate, smart and fit-for-purpose marketing plan that maximises value

Power of Digital and Social Media is unleashed for your benefit

We are very excited to use years of valuable experience in the digital world and social media to help you achieve the best outcomes in the Real Estate market

You are always offered the most competitive and flexible fee structure

Our agency fees reflect actual effort we put in and are calculated based on your needs for using our services

Our competitive fees are all-inclusive

All costs, such as Advertising, Floor Plan, Photography or Boards, are included in our competitive fee and you are reimbursed at settlement for any such up-front cost you incur

We are continuously available to assist you

We understand how agile the Real Estate market is and we use both traditional and digital capabilities to make ourselves available to you continuously and to keep you posted without interrupting you

Your property marketing plan is flexible and agile

We revisit your property marketing plan in specific intervals to ensure it is tracking well and we adjust it accordingly if needed

You have online access to marketing and sales performance

Once listed, you will receive a dedicated link to your Property Page where you can check the latest updates on the marketing and sales of your property

Your money is used to more efficiently serve you

We are primarily operating online to avoid passing on any overhead cost like office rental to our customers. As a result, the fee that we charge you is used for servicing you better

Let's Discuss How We Can Assist You

Our friendly team is delighted to discuss the best options and possibilities for any plan that you have for your property and to share valuable information that can help you to make an informed decision

You can also always call us on (02) 9144 4298 or email us at info@ivyplus.com.au

About Ivy Plus Real Estate

Ivy Plus Real Estate is an independent Real Estate in Sydney, New South Wales. Our extreme passion, motivation and dedication to enhance ad-hoc Real Estate business and operation model to match today’s customers’ needs have been key business drivers for us at Ivy Plus Real Estate since the beinging.

We understand how Internet and Social Media are changing the way real estate business is conducted and we have accordingly adapted our business model to ensure that not only our customers receive 10 out of 10 quality service in every interaction with us but also they can fully benefit from modern capabilities, without the need to get involved in the associated complexities, to achieve better results in a more reasonable cost and shorter time frame.

We are committed to offering an elite Real Estate agency experience to our customers, in competitive rates, that results in ultimate satisfaction and peace of mind

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